This I Believe — About Leadership

A couple of days ago, in a job interview, I was asked to describe what I think a leader is.  Well, having recently completed an Army-sponsored program in “process-based” leadership, I replied that being a leader isn’t about being out front, or following from behind, it’s about setting expectations and then helping people to achieve those ends.I’ve been thinking about my answer and I have an addendum I’d like to make.  I want to add what I think leaders are NOT! They are not charismatic, bigger-than-life rouse the rabble figures.  We all know a few of those—all promise and no performance.  The traits that make a real leader are just two: humility and determination.  Jim Collins, the same guy who wrote “Good to Great” talks about it in depth in this Harvard Business Review article:

BTW—Check out Jim Collins videos on Big Think….

English: Jim Collins (James C. Collins), an Am...

Jim Collins (James C. Collins),

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  1. I agree! Happy snow day!

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